Providing Home Inspection For Mold In West Michigan

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We all know how important it is to not have anything show up during the inspection period when trying to move a house sale to close.

One of the more frequent problems in West Michigan... is mold.  And that is where 2 The Rescue comes in!

You see, after listening to our realtors we’ve come to understand this problem better, so we decided to create a pro-active solution that eliminates this problem before it ruins the sale.

Here’s how the program works!

When you list a home, call, text or email us and schedule the no cost mold inspection.

We provide our thorough home inspection for mold and send you and the homeowner a detailed home inspection report with pictures and any suggestions we have for curing the problem.

If we find mold, we will discuss it with you and work with the seller or buyer to mitigate the mold problem well before it becomes a problem and stops the sale of the house. So, to be specific… we want to partner with you to help you sell more homes!  

With this special house listing program, we waive the $150 inspection fee and do the inspection at no charge.  If the buyer or seller wants a lab report on air quality, we can do that at cost.

We’ve got our team of specialists standing by to respond to your needs.  To take advantage of this program, please email or call us to learn more details. (616) 874-0007