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Mold might not seem as devasting as water or fire damage, but it’s still a dangerous home invader. Mold is a fungal allergen, and even those without allergies can suffer an allergic reaction to certain types of mold. Some molds even produce toxins that can make you sick and have health issues.

Mold is always caused by an underlying moisture problem and can require professional remediation. If not treated properly, mold can return and cause more damage. Call 2 The Rescue Restoration Services today to schedule a home inspection to assess potential mold damage and air quality concerns.

Mold in a classroom with before and after photos
Mold in kitchen with before and after photos

See How Mold Removal Works

Mold removal is a multistep process. 2 The Rescue Restoration Services rids your home of this fungal invader by:

Assessing the Damage

Mold remediation starts with an inspection to determine the extent of the problem.

Determining the Cause

Before treatment, we need to figure out what caused the mold growth.

Removing the Mold

We’ll create a step-by-step plan to eradicate and remediate your mold problem.

Post Remediation Testing

Finally, we will test the affected areas that we remediated in your home to ensure air quality is safe and livable.

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